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Undaunted by the arduous sheep herding of his prior visit, our visitor again finds us at home, with new wildlife to conquer. This time, he is joined by two others, and well chosen comrades they were, each bringing his own special skills to the group. Shown below are some photos they took during their mission; to locate and observe the Isis Morgans, in their new habitat.



Bodega was the location for Hitchcock's The Birds.

In the film, however, the birds chased the humans. Once again demonstrating my remarkable way with animals, I attempt to show our visitors that peacocks look funny when they fly. Though my efforts to encourage flight were unsuccessful, all guests were able to observe that I look funny when I chase peacocks.

One of about 20 wild peacocks that share the grounds with Isis, showing off for company.

Christian needed no convincing when offered a ride around town. The rest of us, though not actually in the +8 prototype, were at least able to hear the entire ride. The sound of this car starting up always gives me a thrill, it really is amazing.





Christian would be an ideal Morgan spokesperson; he is extremely likeable and his enthusiasm is contagious. He took the photo on the right from my loft.



From left: Tim Waller, Bill Fink, Christian Hallan, myself, and Keith Baldwin.

Many thanks to Christian Hallan

and Michael Jhon for sharing with me the photographs shown

on this page.