Photo Page XV


Bill Fink driving his Morgan SLR during his first race, captured by Bob Dunsmore.


Bud Dixon in San Francisco, summer of 2002 on the day he first drove his Morgan.


Tom Fairhall's ride of choice in his native Australia

.Tom was our first guest to arrive at the Isis party . (He arrived on time, unlike me.)


Christian Hallen of Norway's Roadster Square has been seen behind the wheel of this Aero 8.


Gary Kneisley's lovely garden shot of his 1991 Plus 8.


I took these shots as Bill Fink gave me my first ride in the Aero 8.


This 1961 DHC is for sale! E-mail me for details.


Wendell Bain provided these photos with include Dennis Glavis and Doug Sallen

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