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The 'MonsterMog' Conversion

Photos by Tcherek Kamstra & Joe Arbunic

isis motors

Gro and Knut Hallan (Norway Morgan agent) with Bill Fink and Keith Baldwin

Knut takes Bill's Corvette powered Plus 8 for a spin, and sees the progress
being made on their third Chevy conversion, for a long time Isis customer

Below: The North Bay British Car Club pays a visit

During the 70s and 80s, Bill Fink's propane conversions kept Morgans alive in the US when the standard set up failed to meet federalization requirements. If you are unfamiliar with the story, check out the Car & Driver article - Click here

Now the end of the Plus 8 's 35 year run finds Bill breathing new life into the Plus 8. While this has some declaring sacrilige, they can rest easy knowing that his next 'MonsterMog' transformation will be performed on one of those cars he converted to propane. All adjustments necessary to accommodate the increased horesepower (405) have been made, tested , improved and retested. Bill stated that he can do the same for any Plus 8 made after 1974. This reincarnation has managed to win over some die hard opposition with a single test drive, the offer of which was too tempting for even the purists to pass up. The ISIS conversion package includes the following:

Morgan Plus 8 Corvette Conversion (aka MonsterMog, aka Morgan +8+)
The package includes new Corvette LS-2 aluminum engine with new T56 6 speed gearbox, new clutch housing & clutch, new crossflow radiator & cooling fan, rebuilt Camaro propshaft and rear axle assembly with rear disc brakes, multi-link rear suspension with Koni coil-over shock absorbers, new 16" x 7" alloy road wheels with Yokohama tires, new fuel injection type Morgan fuel tank with high pressure fuel system and full evaporative control, fuel injection computer with OBD2 diagnostics, electronic tach and speedometer, twin catalyst exhaust system with straight-through mufflers. Chevy quotes the power at 400 bhp with 406 lbs./ft. of torque in their application which weighs nearly 1000 lbs more than our completed car. The price of this package is $35,000 for 1974 & later +8's Rover 4 or 5 speed gearboxes, a bit more for the Moss box cars as it is necessary to replace the fenders to accommodate the wheel & tire width.

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