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A visit to the Morgan Motor Company in England

My Morgan devotion having reached unprecedented new heights, I found myself contemplating some formerly alien concepts (i.e. coats, gloves, leaving California to face potential bona fide cold weather.) Then arrived an invitation to the Morgan dealer/staff Christmas party, and it was settled. (Although strongly suspect Bill was swayed by Aero 8 being ready to drive.) Here are a few of the highlights, with more to follow later...


Photo: David Little

Upon arriving in England, I was treated to a tour of some of the UK Morgan agents.
First stop was Brands Hatch Morgans, where I met their lovely Sarah Hutton (on the right.)


The next day, Andy Garlick went above and beyond the call of duty when he spent the entire day
taking me around to Morgan dealers. First we stopped at Melvyn Rutter's Morgan Garage
for a comprehensive tour of the premises, kindly provided by Melvyn himself.

Morgan Plus Four Plus

Melvyn and Andy Garlick, most likely discussing some finer technical points....

A rare 4-seater drop head coupe

Melvyn Rutter shown here with his amazingly clean trike.

After Melvyn's, we proceeded to Richard Thorne's showroom (above) to see his display of Morgans...

...then we returned to London, with time remaining for one more stop - so we decided
to drop in to say hello to Mike Coram at F.H. Douglass (established in 1929)

Early the following day, I was to fetch Bill Fink from the airport. David Little and
Mark Harrison volunteered to escort me to Heathrow airport despite the early hour....
(From left: David Little, Bill Fink and Mark Harrison)

....not only did they join me to find Bill; they also transported us in David's car all the
way to the Morgan Motor Company, in Malvern.*

Charles Morgan was kind enough to act as tour guide during my first official visit to the works.

A view of some Aero 8s at the source....

...including our ISIS demo car, in which Bill drove over 1000 miles during the next 2 days.
(Photo taken by David Little)

Coming Soon - Photos provided by Richard Gilbert


*To Andy, David, Mark and also the Glogers:
Thanks again guys...remember you will always have a (truly grateful) friend in California.



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