MOG 33 - Part 3

Photos of the Morgan Car Club of Washington DC's annual event in West Virginia,

taken by John H. Sheally II

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Toby Tuttle, Frank Homet & Scott Willoughby

Morgan Fuller's Morgan

Keith Ahlers

Chris Towner & Larry Eckler

Carlton Shriver & Tcherek Kamstra

Douglas Hallawell & Jack Flynn

Miss Corbett

Mikel Soderstrom

Toby & Frank

Todd Warren

Sue Ahlers

John H. Sheally II with Keith Ahler's Aero 8 in the foreground; John's Plus 8 in the background

Admirers of Keith's Aero 8

Keitrh's Aero at the Bavarian Inn

The Awards Banquet

Mog 33 Concourse

Sheally's Plus 8

Millie Adams

The Phoenix

Aero 8 interior

Formerly "The Engine Room"

C. Shriver's flat rad alongside K. Ahlers' Aero 8

One of Carlton Shriver's Morgans

Audrey Goldman

The Phoenix

Rich Fohl's DeWalt Aero 8

Carlton's trike

John H. Sheally II

Carlton & Tcherek at the start of Mog 33 rally

At the Clarion Hotel

Cuthbert Twillie

Kathi Hoffman, Ed Zielinski & Tcherek

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